Vincents Story


  •   On Dec 21st 2011 Vincent passed away at the young age of 17 after a boating accident. He never got to graduate high school, he was only 6 months away from graduating. Vincent was born at the Langley Air Force Base hospital on March 28 1994. For the first nine years he lived in Hampton, VA until his family built a house and moved to Smithfield, VA. Vincent's best friend Nico started playing Ice hockey for the Peninsula Prowl in 1999 and wanted Vincent to play as well. That summer, both of the boys went into the learn to skate programs at the Iceplex in Yorktown, VA. Following learn to skate, they went into the hockey program. Nico continued to play hockey for the next several years while Vincent took a couple of years off to play baseball. Vincent ended up re-joining his friend because he felt like he needed to play hockey. It took a little while to get himself back up to speed. The other players had a few more years under their belts. After a couple of camps and private session with a power skating coach, he was making great progress.               
  • Vincent worked hard enough that he made the U16 travel team. That was a great time in his life. He was met with many challenges during the season but he worked hard and it turned into a real fun time for him. The next couple of years he played house hockey, heck even if he wanted to play travel I'm not sure if we could have afforded it. So after he passed away, I decided that the Scholarship fund would be the perfect way to honor Vincent and make hockey affordable for kids who were good enough to make it to the next level but weren't financially there. I know Vincent would approve of this. He was the type of person that would buy you lunch if you didn't have the money or give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.    
  • My name is Craig Alberghine, and I am Vincent's father. Please don't be afraid to ask for help. That's why we started this fund and please don't ever forget to tell your children or your mother and father how much you love them because you never know how much time you have on this earth.  

Help for all Student Athletes


Vincent played Ice Hockey so our main mission was focused on the hockey community. However, we want to help any student athlete that needs help financially to further the pursuit of their dreams. 

We need your Help


There are so many student athletes out there with incredible talent but the only thing holding them back is the ability to pay for either league fees and equipment. We all work hard to keep our families fed and sheltered and sometimes we can't afford to help our children achieve their dreams. Help us "Make a Difference", it only takes a couple of dollars each month.We are also always looking for fundraising ideas so feel free to contact us to give us your ideas. Any help is appreciated!!